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About Us

Spectator Investigations brings a wealth of experience. Our seasoned professionals contribute extensive knowledge and expertise to our operations and as a 'boots on the ground' company, we are committed to delivering actionable results. At Spectator Investigations, we provide organized, timely, and comprehensive surveillance solutions using cutting-edge technology. We are committed to fostering a workplace that embraces diversity and inclusivity, recognizing and respecting every individual's perspectives and beliefs. Keep reading to learn more about Spectator Investigations.

Our Expertise

Our range of services includes surveillance, alive & wellness checks, social media investigations, background checks, witness statements & interviews, family law matters, field investigations, cohabitation, child custody, alimony, infidelity, process service, wellness checks, asset investigations, personal injury, liability, and malpractice, scene investigations, locate investigations, litigation support, technical counter surveillance measures (bug sweeping), and unmanned surveillance.

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Collaborative Prosecution Support

As we work in the investigative services field, our commitment to understanding our client’s specific needs is what makes us the go-to partner for comprehensive results. We are also deeply committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace where all individual views and beliefs are acknowledged. For further information, feel free to reach out to us.


Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators (PALI)

New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association, Inc. (NJLPIA)

Philadelphia Loss Conference (PLC)

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