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Comprehensive Cohabitation Investigations for Alimony Relief

Our extensive experience in this field, spanning from the early days, has played a crucial role in gathering solid evidence to assist clients in pursuing alimony reductions or eliminations. Discover more about Spectator Investigations' cohabitation services. If you have any inquiries, feedback, or require assistance, our professional team is ready to provide you with the support you need.

Spectator Investigations' Expertise in Cohabitation Investigations

With our extensive experience and proven track record, Spectator Investigations stands as the trusted resource for the legal community in cohabitation investigations. Our meticulous process yields overwhelmingly persuasive evidence, meticulously organized in comprehensive reports. Our Investigations have persevered in the face of scrutiny in family courts.

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Domicile and Relationship Examination

At Spectator Investigations, our methodology for cohabitation investigations is precise and multifaceted. We employ a variety of techniques to gather evidence, which is subsequently synthesized into an exhaustive, carefully compiled report, frequently spanning hundreds of pages. Presented below are four of the investigative methods we utilize in these instances.

Several factors are taken into account with cohabitation. Spectator Investigations works closely with your attorney to try and accommodate and handle all the factors that take place. Some existing factors may include the following:

  • Shared Living Expenses: Joint responsibility for financial obligations.
  • Social Media: Acknowledgment of the relationship within the social and family circle.
  • Shared Household Duties: Participation in household chores.
  • Relationship Dynamics: Frequency of contact, duration, and other indications of mutual support.
  • Promise of Support: Any indication that the alimony recipient has received support commitments from another party (e.g., palimony).
  • Shared Finances: Joint bank accounts, shared holdings, or liabilities.
  • Other Pertinent Evidence: Any additional relevant information.

Approaches in Cohabitation Investigations

Asset Investigations

Spectator investigations can help in determining if your ex partner or parent of your child is distorting their financial information to avoid their obligation to you or your child by retrieving and reviewing accessible documents and information.

Video Documented Surveillance

Our skilled investigators conduct targeted physical surveillance, meticulously documenting the subject's day-to-day activities. This includes chores, movements, and interactions, as well as observations related to vehicles at the residence. Intelligence gathered from the static camera ensures that field investigators are deployed at times when there's a higher likelihood of activity, minimizing exposure.

Waste/Recyle Audit Investigation

Spectator Investigations can retrieve items that have been placed in the trash (not on the property). When the trash receptacles are placed on the street, we can legally obtain the items, and carefully review the items, such as personal notes between the parties involved. Some items that could assist may include utility bills with both party names on them, letters, receipts, and other items connecting the parties together. Recyclables have the potential to show a pattern of alcohol being used. Please contact us further to discuss.

Background / Social Media Investigation

A comprehensive background investigation is conducted, which includes searches for motor vehicle records and procurement of other pertinent government documents, such as voter's registration records and police responses to the residence. A thorough examination of the subject's social media presence often reveals posts detailing activities, particularly during holidays or vacations, as well as public acknowledgments of their relationship with friends and family. For more details, get in touch with us.