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Expert Family Law Investigation Services

In the realm of family matters, entrusting your concerns to a reliable investigative team is paramount. Spectator Investigations specializes in handling sensitive cases, including divorce, child custody, cohabitation issues, cheating, infidelity, and substance abuse and other domestic disputes. Navigating legal matters involving your spouse, children, or other family members can be overwhelming. Thus, our vigilant team works in conjunction with you and your attorney, ensuring the privacy of all parties involved is respected. Connect with our professional team for more details.

Entrust Your Family Law Matters to Us

Family law encompasses a multitude of facets, each carrying its unique allegations and claims, intensifying the complexities of managing these issues. Below are some family matters where our expertise at Spectator Investigations can be invaluable:

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Approaches in Family Law Investigations

Pre-Marital Investigations

Marriage signifies a lifelong commitment, and it's essential to have a comprehensive understanding of your partner's past, "red flags", including previous marriages or criminal records. Whether you're the prospective bride, groom, or parent, if you have concerns over your loved one's prospective spouse, we can aid in unveiling the truth.


Suspecting your spouse or partner of infidelity can be distressing. At Spectator Investigations, we handle such sensitive issues with the utmost discretion, providing you with undeniable proof.

Child Custody Disputes

The welfare of your child remains your topmost priority. If you're embroiled in a separation, divorce, or child custody dispute and worry about your child's welfare, our dedicated investigators can collate evidence to determine the most suitable parent.


If you're making alimony payments to an ex-partner who is cohabiting with a new partner, it can influence your financial obligations. Proving cohabitation can be challenging, but with Spectator Investigations, we can provide the necessary evidence to clarify your situation.

Family Law Solutions Offered

At Spectator Investigations, we provide a range of case management services to ensure your family law matters are handled with the utmost professionalism and diligence.

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Classifications of Investigations


Our dedicated team employs advanced technology and proven covert strategies to acquire high-quality video and photographic evidence.

Cohabitation Investigations

We combine surveillance, public records, social media activity, and background checks to establish whether your ex-partner is cohabiting with someone else.

Asset Investigations

We can uncover records and information that may indicate your ex-partner is misrepresenting their financial situation to evade responsibilities towards you or your child.

Litigation Support

We can bolster your attorney's efforts by gathering all necessary information, evidence, and documentation to strengthen your case.