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Litigation Support Services

Spectator Investigations is a professional, reliable, and seasoned investigation firm that can serve as a dependable ally when you require investigative support. With a wealth of experience, we have been providing indispensable investigative aid to attorneys and their clients, helping them understand the intricacies of their cases and their associated investigative needs.

Tailored Investigative Solutions

Our unique blend of advanced technology and innovative thinking allows us to customize our investigative approach, ensuring that it meets your specific needs. From surveillance, to background investigations, to locates counter-surveillance measures (TCSM), we are equipped to handle a variety of investigations.

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Empowering Your Case with Expertise

The strength of your case is our priority. Leveraging our vast experience, we specialize in developing intelligence and uncovering evidence that gives you a competitive edge. We work collaboratively with you, ensuring that you get exactly what you need within your budget. Our litigation support services include conducting activity checks, locating people or assets, social media investigations, background checks, obtaining witness statements, and handling family law matters.

Expert Testimony

Our team of seasoned legal professionals is adept at obtaining evidence and presenting it in a compelling and persuasive manner, ready for court. When the stakes are high, you can rely on our experts to provide credible and concise testimony. We have testified in numerous serious cases, further attesting to our experience and expertise.

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Comprehensive Investigative Services

At Spectator Investigations, we don't just investigate - we build cases. We will work together to help you obtain the result you need. Whether it is "peace of mind" or a conviction, we provide the compelling evidence you need. Our specialized services also include field investigations, bug sweeping, cohabitation investigations, child custody matters, alimony disputes, infidelity investigations, process service, wellness checks, asset investigations, as well as personal injury, liability, and malpractice investigations.