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Professional Insurance Investigative Services

With billions lost annually due to insurance fraud, count on Spectator Investigations' years of experience to combat this pervasive crime. We partner with insurers, third-party administrators, and legal professionals, tailoring our services to your unique needs, delivering results where others fall short. As a comprehensive investigative firm, we offer an array of services to address all your insurance requirements. Connect with us to discuss your requirements.

Types of Insurance Claims We Investigate

We specialize in a wide range of insurance claims investigations, including:

Workers' Compensation: Our experts meticulously scrutinize the connection between injuries and employment circumstances. We ascertain whether alleged injuries occurred during work-related activities or elsewhere, ensuring accuracy in Workers' Compensation claims.

Personal Injury: Doubts about a claimant's personal injury? Our team conducts thorough investigations to verify the authenticity of their claims, employing a range of specialized investigative techniques.

Disability: Short- and long-term disability claims are meticulously examined for any signs of exaggeration or ulterior motives. We scrutinize physical activities and employment status to provide a comprehensive assessment.

Property – Commercial & Residential: Suspect inflated losses or property values in an insurance claim? Our investigations confirm the legitimacy of such claims, providing you with the information you need.

Product Liability: When negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty aren't evident, we delve into the facts surrounding the claim, ensuring a thorough investigation.

If you have questions about our services or need assistance with any aspect of our offerings, we encourage you to get in touch.

How We Investigate Insurance Claims

Our insurance investigation includes the following:

Surveillance: Our seasoned field agents utilize cutting-edge technology and covert techniques to procure high-quality video and documentary evidence, ensuring the strongest possible case.

Background Investigations: We acquire and verify essential records, including criminal court histories, professional licenses, bankruptcy filings, and more, bolstering your case with critical information.

Social Media Investigations: Leverage the power of social media channels in your claim's investigation. Our technology experts extract pertinent information from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.

Statements & Interviews: Thorough documentation is paramount in any insurance investigation. With extensive experience, we know the right questions to ask, even in the most unusual circumstances.

Alive & Wellness Checks: We conduct in-person, virtual, or telephone wellness checks to ensure individuals are in good health and receiving their entitled benefits.

Scene Investigations: Our seasoned investigators document accident/incident sites through photographs, videos, and surveillance camera identification, establishing or uncovering crucial facts.

Dram Shop Investigations: Investigating incidents involving drunk driving, our team employs their expertise to determine liability in adherence to Dram Shop laws.

Stranger-Oriented Life Insurance (“STOLI”) Investigations: We untangle fact from fiction in cases involving STOLI arrangements, aiding in the determination of financial fraud schemes.

Locate Investigations: Our dedicated team excels in locating debtors and key witnesses, employing a range of skills and tools.

Asset Investigations: We retrieve records confirming personal property, real estate, and business affiliations, offering critical insights into personal financial situations.

Litigation Support: Bolster your legal team's efforts with comprehensive information, evidence, and documentation, ensuring a robust case in depositions, trial preparation, and litigation outcomes.