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Unmanned Surveillance Services

Our unique approach to intel surveillance investigations pairs concealed static cameras with expertly trained analysts who review and interpret the captured footage. This process empowers us to conduct extended surveillance periods, document activity, discern patterns, and gather crucial evidence and intelligence.

Why Choose Us

Despite common misconceptions, effective unmanned surveillance is far more complex than just 'setting up a camera.' If improperly executed by inexperienced personnel, it could jeopardize an investigation and raise serious legal and ethical concerns. Just as field surveillance demands a seasoned professional, unmanned surveillance requires equal diligence. Spectator Investigations adopts a meticulous approach, ensuring that our surveillance measures are not only effective but also ethical and legal.

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Advantages of Our Surveillance Services

Intel Surveillance offers clear advantages:

  • Consistent location monitoring
  • Covert operation
  • Essential footage capture without the need for a field investigator

It's a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods and often serves as the first step before deploying field agents or launching comprehensive investigations. Our clients consistently achieve significant results at a fraction of the cost of outdated surveillance techniques. At Spectator Investigations, we believe the future of surveillance is here, and we're leading the way.